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Bequests.com is the freshly transformed home for high-quality resources about philanthropic bequests.

We strive to empower fundraisers and other philanthropy professionals to make bequests a thriving program and living legacy within your own nonprofit. Bequests.com is part of the family of fastest-growing philanthropy websites available: be sure to bookmark our sister websites majorgifts.com and plannedgiving.com.

Choose our website for industry-leading content about bequests, including insightful analysis from bequest experts, inspiring interviews with fellow nonprofit leaders, and helpful resources you can rely on for practical guidance on bequests and philanthropy best practices.

Too much of the online landscape surrounding bequests delivers only stoic legal language from investment companies, basic encyclopedia entries, and ask websites from the largest nonprofits in the world. At Bequests.com, you will find not only practical information, but also forward-thinking research and analysis and thought-provoking profiles of nonprofit professionals just like you.

Help Donors Invest in their Legacy

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Planned Giving Is a People Business. Not a Legal Business. It’s Also Serious Business.​

If you love people, you will raise more money than you ever imagined. We’ve worked with over 5,000 nonprofits over the last 20 years, successfully forging the connections that lead people to pledge planned (and major) gifts to the causes they care about.

You Want It. When?

The holidays are approaching, you have a board event to attend, a departmental Christmas party, and you just realized you forgot to buy that special gift for your loved one. Not to mention shopping for your kids.

With all this going on, do you have enough time to draft, write, and re-write your letter, and to deal with a graphic designer for the brochure? How about the social-media campaign you totally forgot about? Do you really want to spend your weekend drafting content?

There Is a Better Way

You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all the tools you need, all of which you can download and personalize to give it your touch. Our content will not meet your needs 100%. But it’s 80% there – saving you 80% of your time. You have our permission to retool any documents for any of your needs.

The Center for Major Gifts is the premier resource for institutions and fundraisers of all levels to learn, network, and grow.

Whether you are brand new to major gifts or a seasoned professional, we provide the resources and informational fuel you need to perform at your highest level.

Are you looking for professional development to advance your career? Seeking techniques to grow your organization’s entire major gifts operation or add a small planned giving division to a large operation? Whatever the need, we have everything to help you start raising more money the right way and launch your organization to new heights.

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