Invite Donors to Draft a Will and Support the Organization They Care About the Most

Terms and Conditions

  1. The link below directs you to the free LegacyPlanner™ (Lite). It is the page your donors will see.
  2. By using this service, you acknowledge that we are not able to divulge any bequests made to your organization as a result of this tool. This tool is designed for you to build good will with your donors and to initiate further discussions about legacy gifts. It should not be used for institutional and campaign metrics.
  3. If you decide to become a paid subscriber in the future, you will have a branded version of this tool for your organization in addition to a wide array of analytics tools and marketing outreach. You will also have the option to be a featured organization on the application. This means you will be the first recommended nonprofit for a donor to contribute to. Contact us for more details.

LINK TO USE (Give to your webmaster):

The promotional period for this free service has ended.


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